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VIA is a system for solving print and marketing design process issues. It is a graphic design platform for empowering designers and non-designers to practice graphic design and collaborate more efficiently. In this project, I will investigate how suggesting a system like VIA could solve several workflow problems.

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Description of the situation:

Usually, in any company or organization graphic designers are responsible for creating design materials for marketing and advertising purposes. These materials need to follow the company's style guide and should be consistent with other works. Designers are responsible for making sure that any new design has continuity with the company's brand identity. That is why a non-designer cannot be responsible for making any material since they do not have enough understanding of the company's guidelines. However, there are situations where there are no available designers, and non-designers need to create or edit some of the materials themselves. Usually, the result does come out pleasant, and non-designers have to wait for a professional to take care of that. The problem is sometimes doing this kind of requests and edits does not require much time, but designers are overwhelmed by other tasks at the same time, and they get to do them very late. This situation is an example of a traditional design workflow.

Description of the solution:

VIA offers a new workflow that solves the existing design process issues. It is a platform that lets designers create templates with their company's brand guidelines and share them with other team members. In this platform, designers set parameters on design files and let non-designer to change the content of templates. Designers decide what elements and parts of the design could be changed and what should be locked and cannot be modified. In this way, non-professionals cannot ruin the guidelines, and the results will stay visually pleasing.


VIA is changing the design flow and makes it shorter and more comfortable for both professionals and non-professionals to collaborate quickly and efficiently. In this new design flow, the process is faster, and non-designers do not have to wait for a long time. It also makes graphic design more accessible for novice designers and helps them to practice graphic design.

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