The Persian Leopard Conservation Campaign

Art Direction - Character Design - Illustration

The Persian Leopard Campaign is targeted toward adults and young kids by educating the importance of the Persian Leopard Conservation. The goal of this project is to use design as a medium to save the Leopards and support this cause through conservation.


To evoke more feelings, a character of Pasha, the Persian Leopard is created.


As a part of awareness, a storybook is created along with a participatory game for kids aged 4 to 8.

Story Book

The target audience for this project is young kids who need their parent’s help for reading and explaining it to them. Through this process, the issue can be communicated to both adults and the kids at the same time.

The story is focused on one of the main threats for the Persian leopards at the Golestan National Park, road accidents.

By reading the book and playing the game, kids and their parents will learn about the possible solution for this problem, which would be building natural overpasses throughout the Golestan National Park.

Board Game